A Kitchen Reimagined

New design creates light, airy space.

After two decades of frustration, the owners of an Alexandria, Virginia home decided that it was time for a change. The home’s dark and diminutive kitchen needed a facelift.

“The kitchen was outdated, dark and disjointed due to a load-bearing masonry wall set in the middle of the space, effectively splitting an already small area into two,” said Michael Winn, Winn Design + Home, the firm tasked with the kitchen makeover. “This made the kitchen feel closed-off from the rest of the home.”

“...[T]he rear outdoor living space and breakfast nook were undersized and didn't provide seating for all four family members at the same time,” continued Winn.

The new design plan called for removing the load-bearing wall, pushing back the kitchen and creating a new breakfast room. “This design also provided easy access to a new deck and dramatically lightened the entire space by allowing a large amount of natural light to filter into the kitchen,” said Winn. “Improved and layered lighting, and lighter fixtures and finishes throughout the kitchen also improved the overall look and feel.”

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