Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Removal of Statue Denies City’s History

I am writing to comment on the removal of the iconic Confederate Soldier statue at the intersection of South Washington Street and Prince Street in Old Town, Alexandria. The Civil War was one of the most important and traumatic events in the city’s history. The city suffered for four long years under the heavy hand of an oppressive occupying army. There were many depredations. That monument honors all Alexandrians who died in the war while serving in the Confederate Army. That was their generation’s version of our own Vietnam War Memorial.

Those who dedicated the statue were simply honoring the lives of their fallen comrades. What could be more noble than that?

It’s a sad day when historic Alexandria, which relies on history-related tourism for so much of its image and revenue, would eviscerate its heritage.

As a 59-year-old lifelong Alexandrian with family roots in the city that date back almost 100 years to the early 1920s, I worry about where we are headed.

Greg Paspatis


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