Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Char McCargo Bah: Engaging and Captivating

I would like to commend Char McCargo Bah for the beautiful article she wrote on my grandfather, Wilmer B. Henry. She illustrated what we expressed to her with a clear and concise description.

In addition to the above mentioned article, I have really enjoyed reading all of her articles. She seems to capture the inner feelings of the individuals who are sharing their heartfelt feelings. Her stories are very engaging and captivating.

I have shared her articles with many friends not only in the VA area but with friends in New York and as far as Paris. They all commented on how well they were written and that the articles paint a good picture of the period of time it was written about.

I am so looking forward to reading many more of Char's articles. I am certain they will keep me reminiscing about the good old days.

Rita M. Harris

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