Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Mayor Wilson Doesn’t Deserve Attacks

We served on City Council with both Mayor Justin Wilson and former Mayor Allison Silberberg, who issued a statement on March 25, announcing her candidacy for Mayor.

We want to share our deep disappointment with her statement's attacks on Mayor Wilson's "integrity" and "ethics". We know and have worked with Mayor Wilson on an array of issues and consider him a proven leader, man of high-moral character, and someone who is well-versed on issues so Alexandria will have a bright future. He does not deserve Ms. Silberberg's personal attacks which have no place in our civic debate.

We know Justin has done a great job as Mayor during these challenging times and deserves re-election. We urge all Alexandria Democrats to vote for Justin Wilson in the June 8th Democratic Primary.

Bill Euille, former Mayor

Del Pepper, Councilwoman

Paul Smedberg, former Councilmember

Tim Lovain, former Councilmember

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