Spring Flower Show in Mount Vernon

   Creative Line Designs

The Yacht Haven Garden Club held a National Garden Clubs Small Standard Flower Show, “Around the Sun Sixty Times,” April 4, 2024, at the Mount Vernon Yacht Club, Alexandria, Va.

The flower show celebrated the garden club’s 60th anniversary. Patsie Uchello was the general chairman of the show. The wet spring contributed to an outstanding display of horticulture exhibits. The show focused

on exhibits of broadleaf evergreen shrubs and spring blooming trees; bulbs, corms, and tubers; and flowering and non-flowering container-grown plants. Visitors can see and learn which plants do well in the area and be introduced to new ones.

The design section of the flower show included four arrangements of a Creative Line Design, a Petite Design, a Featured Plant Design using roses, and a Semi-formal Functional Lunch Tray for One. The designs were individually judged and were creative and diverse.

“At a flower show, members and the visiting public get a view of plants that grow locally and are introduced to new species,” says Yacht Haven President Wanda Ragland. “They are one way that we help to educate the public about plants and creating floral designs.”